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Phone number420777566756
Breast typeSilicone
Weight (kg)52
Height (cm)163
Hair colorBlonde
Are you a smokerNo
A sensitive and perceptive girl, loving her world of dreams and fantasy. Nevertheless, close to reality, without illusions and aware of her duty. She has a great ability to concentrate and is reliable and persistent. She is very spontaneous, enterprising and courageous. She is a warm-blooded lover, active, straight and spontaneous. She has a strong will and is easy to flame up. She is fast. She is optimistic and independent of others. A pride girl that will remain forever beautiful and young. Shakira is a nice lady at first sight, generous and almost always in good mood. She can quickly get excited…

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1 hour - 300 EUR
2 hours - 500 EUR
Night price - 800 EUR

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